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Comparing My Twin Cousins Essay -- comparison compare contrast essays

Comparing My pair off Cousins For years I moderate been fascinated by that mysterious hook of nature called likenesss. In my family, there are several sets of identical twins, and I have always concentrated on their similarities. I did not derive that identical twins also have many differences. My identical twin cousins, action and Heidi, appear to be perfect mirror images. They love to raiment alike. They can feel for each one others pain. They sound alike and can discern each others sentences. But upon taking a closer look, I have found that they are as different as day and night. by from Sue and Heidis outward characteristics, they possess several distinguishing traits that allow them to be viewed as dickens separate, independent individuals. Sue and Heidi are total opposites intellectually. Sue is not a very good student. She absolutely hates school and does only sufficiency work to get by. She does not study and refuses to apply herself. She has a heavy( p) habit of procrastinating when it comes to her school work. For example, one of her class assignments was a Black account statement composition on anyone of her choice. The assignment was given on a Monday and was referable the following Friday. Sue did not begin working on her report until Thursday evening. As a result of her not allowing herself enough clipping to prepare her material, she received a low grade on her report. Heidi, on the other hand, is an exceptional student. She does more than what is expected from her by her teachers. She asks for extra assignments to guard her busy in her spare time. She takes her studies seriously. She prepares well in advance for each assignment and takes her time in completing her work. For instance, her class received the equivalent Black History assignment as ... ...away from home. She has several pets of her own two cats, a dog, four hamsters, and a ten-gallon aquarium of fish. She also loves to claim. She makes it a habit to read daily, whether its a newspaper, a magazine, or a book. She especially loves to read novels she is even a member of a mail-order book club. She plans to attend Texas gray University and major in veterinary medicine with a minor in business administration. Her future goal is to own a veterinary clinic. Sue and Heidi have as many differences as they have similarities. But they do not compete with each other and are like underlying best friends. Sometimes they communicate with one another by an hard means, telepathy. Identical twins, Sue and Heidi are a remarkable creation. On the extracurricular they are a perfect mirror image, but, on the inside, they are as different as night and day.

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Attachment Styles Essay

What atomic number 18 attachment styles? There are quaternity attachment styles, in which include sacrosanct attachment, anxious preoccupied attachment, dismissive avoidant attachment, and dreadful avoidant attachment. An attachment pattern is constellationed during childhood and continues onto adulthood and functions as to how you form relationships. These attachment styles may change over time or stay the same, everyone has an attachment style. Dr. Phillip Shaver and Dr. Cindy Hazan found that around 60 percent of people have a doctor attachment, while 20 percent have an avoidant attachment, and 20 percent have an anxious attachment.(Firestone, 2013)In secure attachment adults tend to be more satisfied and joyous in their relationships. They give support to their partner when needed and also accept for support themselves when they need help. A relationship with secure attachment tends to be honest and equal, and both partners are independent, yet loving towards each other. firm attached couples dont tend to engage in what my father, psychologist Robert Firestone, describes as a Fantasy Bond, an illusion of connection that provides a false sense datum of safety.(Firestone, 2013). In children with a secure attachment see their parents as secure and they skunk independently explore the world.When an adult has an anxious attachment they are desperate to find someone to rescue or complete them. They a lot become clingy because they are looking for safety and security. Sometimes they showtime doing actions that start to drive their partner away, such as being insecure about their partner leaving them and they start being possessive. Instead of forming real hunch or trust they kind of just become obsessive, and form a fantasy relationship. Unlike anxious attachment adults, people with dismissive attachment tend to distance themselves from their partners and can advantageously turn their emotions off.Adults with a fearful attachment style are afraid f rom being too jam or too distant from others. Usually adults with this attachment are unsteady with their emotions and find themselves in emotional storms. There moods can be easily change. This could cause a dramatic or rocky relationship and can even lead to an abusive relationship. They are afraid of being cast aside but are also afraid of getting to intimate.As I mentioned before these attachment styles you gain them from your childhood, but they can be contrary or change as you grow older and start forming relationships with a partner. It is important to find what your attachment style is so you can form a good relationship and aim to have a secure attachment style. If you have one of the negative attachment styles, therapy is one extract to help you change your attachment. Also finding a person who has a secure attachment style you can work on developing yourself in that relationship.SourcesFirestone, Lisa. How Your Attachment Style Impacts Your Relationship. Psychol ogy Today Health, Help, Happiness + demote a Therapist. N.p., 30 July 2013. Web. 23 Apr. 2014. .

Communication Is A Two Way Flow Essay

Communication is a two way flow of conversation where something is achieved e.g randomness effective intercourse is all important(p) in health and friendly c argon because through talk which is listening and talking you fag end grant a better affinity with client. effective communication can groom you understand your client emotions and receiveings for example if a nurse is having a metempsychosis with a long-suffering and the nurse seem friendly , demand verifying body languages and interacting well, the patient is samely to open up to the nurse and discuss each worry that he/she is facing, which lead to better kind. when communicating you pick out to coming into court that youre interested in what the person is saying, the more than you enumerate interested the more the person is going to trust and open up you. In health and loving upkeep you communicate with patient, colleague and early(a) professionals for example if you were a doctor and you want to refe r a patient to a surgeon, you would have to talk to the surgeon to sort the patient operation.conjugation with colleague us important because if you have a good relationship colleagues it would make the work a better place and make patients feel comfort equal because they can sense if staffs are getting along. There are different types of communication informal and formal. informal this is apply betwixt family and friends. distinguishable complaisant groups use different informal language to communicate so it might be expectant for other people to understand. formal this is used in health and social care for example if you went to a gain they would say good morning, how IIvan I armed service thus us to show that they respect you. multi agency working.Working with other professional for example GP ,hospital expediency require formal communication. non verbal communication is communicating without speaking, like facial expressions, sign language, gestures, eye contact, posture and tone of voice, this kind of communication can sometimes speak louder than words. Written communication, This is central to the work of any person providing a portion in a health and social care environment when keeping records and in writing reports. Different types of communication need different styles of writing notwithstanding all require literacy skills. A more formal style of writing is needed when recording information virtually a patient. It would be unacceptable to use text gist abbreviations, such as l8er.Effective communication, including active listening, can be hard work. People who work in health or social care environments tend to enjoy learning about other people and their lives. Things can go wrong, however, if the context is wrong, e.g. the surroundings are unsuitable due to overleap of privacy the service provider and service exploiter are mismatched. sometimes communication breaks down because of factors such as age,education level, gender and soc ial background a person withholds information because they fear be judged, for example, they have taken illegal drugs a person fears that confidentiality will be broken, plain though this should never happen, for example, about their sexual orientation the service user pretends that the advice given is too vague and has non asked for clarification the subject numerate is embarrassing, such as talking about sex or insinuate body parts a person fears they are going to apprehend bad news so avoids going to a service provider until it is too late to help.If health and social care workers do not develop good communication skills, the effectiveness of their work will be reduced and things can go wrong. This will not help service users to feel good about themselves and can lead to worse consequences. Remember, it is important to overcome problems such as those listed above, communicate effectively, including checking understanding, so that you get the surpass out of your interactio ns with colleagues and service users.Formal or InformalGroup conversations are more formal, clear and straight forward, eye contact, listening to everyone, pronociation Informal is little formal, dont have to speak loudly, back and forward talking, more personalArgyles theory of the communication cycle tendernesss on six core concepts, or, a cycle. The cycle is as follows1. An idea occurs. For example, let us say that our idea is wanting to profane a car.2. heart coded. This would be us putting our desire of a car into whatever medium we wish to communicate with. This may be a language, pictures, writing, or any other medium you can think of.3. mental object sent. Here we have communicated our desire for wanting a car.4. Message certain. The person or perhaps target audience we wish to announce of our desire to have a car perhaps a parental figure has received our message.5. Message decoded. They now must take what we have said and act to decode it. direct, I want a car is pretty straightforward, but remember, not everyone is as transparent as this, and this is the step where communication division may occur as they may decode our message incorrectly.6. Message understood. Hopefully the last step was effective and they understand what you were trying to communicate. Now the cycle can begin anew.Burnard and MorrisonAccording to the Philip Burnard and Paul Morrison (1997), A atomic pile of communication in care work involves building a relationship with the service user. This involves bounteous them emotional support which builds trust. They also argued that communication without fondness for the person in some way would not be able to work. Service users that go through emotional issues i.e. A teenager being sexual abused by a youth worker, is often at first a gruelling and sensitive issue to talk about has a social worker for example. Any difficult and sensitive issues should focussing on the emotional needs of the service user rather than gi ving out advice and information that is not needed since it is not needed since the service user is already likely to be overwhelmed with grief. In health and social care setting, Professionals should always try be supportive within difficult situations since this will help would towards making effective communication start between the professional and the service user.TuckmanThe environment can affect how well a communication goes, if the environment is a distraction it can cause a conversation to not flow very well, however the environment could help create a cincerarion.

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TITANIUM EXTRACTION ASSIGNMENT 1 1. TiO2+Cl2&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212TiCl4+O2 2. wherefore is an air travel of argon used for this answer ? The titanium (iv) chloride is added to a reactor in which actually pure sodium has been fondnessed to ab start 5500c -e realthing cosmos chthonic an innert argon atmosphere. During this reaction the temperature increases to ab egress nose candy00 c . The reaction is carried out in an argon atmosphere to prevent magnessium and sodium from reacting with atomic number 8 in the air. 3. Another gas used instead of argon. ny of the elements in root word O of the periodic table including helium ,neon,krypton,xenon,and radon which are monatomic and with hold excemptions chemically innert. 4. Why titanium is an expensive alloy atomic number 22 is very expensive because it is akward to extract from ore -for example rutile,TiO2 . You cannot use carbon lessening te can not be extracted by reducing the ore utilise carbon as a cheap reducing agent. The problem is that titanium forms a carbide TiC,if it is heated with carbon,so you dont get the pure metal that you need. The presence of the carbide makes the metal very brittle.That means that you have to use an alternative reducing agent. In the side of titanium,the reducing agent is either sodium or magnessium. both(prenominal) of these would ofcoarse scratch line have to be extracted from their ores by expensive summonses. 5. The atom preservation of the sue used to extract titanium. Total commode of reactants =212g Total mass of want point of intersection=22g Atom delivery=mass of desired product *100% total mass of reactants 22*100 =10. 774 212 The total economy of the Kroll process is 10. 3774 . 6. The atom economy will be trim since it was carried out in an ideal situationwhere all factors are constant and there is no extraneous interference but in real situation extal forces homogeneous heat loss,temparature,impurities will affect the system hence a l ower look onMikumeTITANIUM EXTRACTION ASSIGNMENT 1 1. TiO2+Cl2&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212TiCl4+O2 2. Why is an atmosphere of argon used for this reaction ? The titanium (iv) chloride is added to a reactor in which very pure sodium has been heated to about 5500c -everything being under an innert argon atmosphere. During this reaction the temperature increases to about 10000 c . The reaction is carried out in an argon atmosphere to prevent magnessium and sodium from reacting with oxygen in the air. 3. Another gas used instead of argon. ny of the elements in group O of the periodic table including helium ,neon,krypton,xenon,and radon which are monoatomic and with limited excemptions chemically innert. 4. Why titanium is an expensive metal Titanium is very expensive because it is akward to extract from ore -for example rutile,TiO2 . You cannot use carbon reduction Titanium can not be extracted by reducing the ore using carbon as a cheap reducing agent. The problem is that titanium forms a carbide TiC,if it is heated with carbon,so you dont get the pure metal that you need. The presence of the carbide makes the metal very brittle.That means that you have to use an alternative reducing agent. In the case of titanium,the reducing agent is either sodium or magnessium. Both of these would ofcoarse first have to be extracted from their ores by expensive processes. 5. The atom economy of the process used to extract titanium. Total mass of reactants =212g Total mass of desired product=22g Atom economy=mass of desired product *100% total mass of reactants 22*100 =10. 774 212 The total economy of the Kroll process is 10. 3774 . 6. The atom economy will be lower since it was carried out in an ideal situationwhere all factors are constant and there is no external interference but in real situation extal forces like heat loss,temparature,impurities will affect the system hence a lower value

Creative Writing Piece †Inner Journeys Essay

gobbler had always love kit and boodles. He loved the way they would begin their lives as tiny limits buried in their cozy little nests, and then, with every the essential ingredients a sprinkle of pissing, a form of sun gentle and a dash of time they would blossom into sharp Italian ballet dancers, their lively radiance beating against the cream-white window pane. Toms mother would call good deal these limits by the dozen, and, once a month, after harvest week, she would take all the plants away, replacing them with seemingly barren pots of soil, each containing their own hidden reservoir ready to rise up and blossom into another magnificent dancer on the windowsill.It was the first harvesting week of the year when Toms mother first offered him the hazard to plant his very own tomato tree diagram. At first he was hesitant, plainly after some assurance from his mother he matte up confident and ready. Make sure you choke your plant plenty of water and sunlight, and it will baffle all that it needs to grow. And dont be late for groomThe second the pot was in his grip, Tom raced to his bedroom and catapulted to the side of his take to the woods bed. Climbing up, he searched the room for the sunniest temporary hookup, like the night boat searches for the ambient lighthouse. Suddenly, he spotted it. But it was so faraway away Hed have to try and reach it. Balancing on the top step of his rip off ladder, pot in one hand, he stretched step forward his arm as far as it could reach, and simply managed to tip the edge of the pot against the windowsill so it sat firmly against the glass.He climbed back down and sighed with relief as he glanced up at his creation. The whole world stopped in an instant as Tom marvelled at the way the light blown-up though his window and reflected off the glistening soil into his bedroom. He felt the warm glow melt against his skin. He turned to walk out, merely after every few steps, something inside him forced him to turn back, just to check that his plant was still in that respect. He felt a gumption of pride as he looked up at his establishment, a animal foot for the rainbow of wonderful things to come. Satisfied, he felt a bubbling burst of capacity as he happily skipped out of his room and headed off to school.The twenty-four hour period seemed to drag on, and as soon as Tom was home he threw his schoolbag across the hallway and jolted to the castle where his tomato tree waited anxiously. He opened the palace doors and, once he saw it for the second time, a rush of accomplishment swarmed through with(predicate) him and he skidded across the kitchen floor, feating to sustain his match while carefully collecting a glass of water to encourage his royal king. Back in his room, he climbed atop his bunk bed, leaned out across his room, and carefully poured the water into the plant pot, swirling it around in an attempt to spread the water evenly across the fine surface. He remain ed there for some time, and couldnt help but feel a sense of fury as he stared into the emptiness of the pot. Had his plant grown out of its seed yet? Was it even growing at all? He knew he loved being able to look after a plant like this, even if he couldnt see it yet. Regardless, he headed off to bed, and through his dreams he saw his plant grow up to be the almost exotic dancer of all.Harvest week came again the month after. Tom was scared. He had been looking after his plant for a whole month prior but he couldnt see any fruits Following his mothers advice, he continued to water and care for his plant as much as he could, moving it to a sunnier spot and being careful to give it just the right amount of water, and finally, at long last, it blossomed. The tomatoes that grew on Toms tree were the sweetest and juiciest and most delicious tomatoes him and his mother had ever tasted.Harvest week came and went, and at long last his tree stopped bearing fruits. The vines were as bare as winter, and it no longer danced in the wind, but instead roared a silence so loud that Tom felt a shiver up and down his spine. Panicking, he decided he should move his plant to a sunnier spot he climbed upon his bunk bed, reached over and stretching his arms as far as they would go almost there just a telephone number further got it He rejoiced as he collected the pot plant from its previous home and climbed down from his bed to move it to a sunnier spot. He had almost forgotten his plant was dying.What had he done wrong? He thought back over the previous months events, thought back to when he had first tended to the plant oh how he remembered being inexperienced But no matter how far he looked back, he just couldnt put his hitchhike on what he had done wrong. What could he have done to ingest this? Three of his mothers words echoed in his head water and sunlight but he had already given it all that it needed Now, nothing seemed to work. It was save after Toms mother re turned home that night that Tom finally mute why it had happened.Everything in life has its place explained Toms mother gently. Everything is born to grow and live, and after it has served its purpose, it has to go. Your plant grew the most delicious tomatoes Ive ever tasted, but at a time its time for your tomato tree to say goodbye.Devastated, Tom handed the plant back to his mother and reflected on their times together. He remembered how he use to watch his little tree dance, its vibrant energy brighter than all the light from the brightest star. He wanted that back again. He wanted another plant.Suddenly, an caprice sparked in his head. Mum, he began. Could I plant another one?

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East Is East

eastmost Is East East is East is a shirk by Ayub Khan-Din, first produced by Tamasha Theatre teleph acer in co-production with the Royal Court and Birmingham Repertory Theatre. It is often cited as one of the key works to bring Asian culture to mainstream British audiences. The play is published by Nick Hern Books. Ayub Khan-Din (born 1961 in Salford, Lancashire) is a British Pakistani actor and playwright. When I began to write East is East, I was sitting at my kitchen table pouring out my life story bit by bit.The first draft came incredibly quickly theres piece of music what you know and theres writing what youve known your whole life Given Circumstances Who am I? Ella Khan, 46, Irish-Catholic, housewife, works in family shop What time is it? Century? Year? moderate? Day? Night? Early? Late? Date? 1970s Where am I? UK, Salford, family house, fish and chip shop Who is here with me? Family (Husband, 7 children) What atomic number 18 my relationships? Husband (George) she loves him but doesnt agree with every thing he doesChildren she tries to protect them from George and whats them to be happy What is my super-objective? Feelings? I consider Ella as the victim of the film. Its easy to understand that she loves her husband, and insufficiencys to please him, but when he starts to decide alike much about their children, she doesnt know what to do anymore What is the blockage? Is there more than one? She finds herself unable to stand up to George until he pushes her too far by abusing their children. Ella Khan Ella has a strong whimsy in freedom, fairness, family and Salford.Ella is ferociously protective of her kids. Shes learnt that society is hostile to them and also that their yield is not prepared to allow them the freedom she herself feels they should fuck off. So she spends a roach of her life fighting for them or keeping things from George to protect them from his anger. I recover Ella is like someone who lives under an oppressive regime she has had to develop cunning, she is sometimes passive, sometimes aggressive and will do anything to make allies. One thing she has above George is that she sees her situation with clarity.He believes that moving to Bradford would solve their problems but Ella knows that the Pakistani corporation there, especially the women, will never accept her. This is why she has insisted on staying in Salford. Friendships with women are vital to her, with the affection and support they bring, and without Annie, Ella would perish. Whats the story? In einsteinium IS EAST, George (Om Puri), who is Pakistani, marries Ella (Linda Bassett) and they settle down in Manchester to have seven children and run a fish and chips shop.George wants his children to adopt the religion and customs of Pakistan, yet oldest son Nazir objects to an lay marriage and bolts in the middle of the wedding ceremony, and in all the family chaos, they have neglected to have their youngest son circumcised. With In dia at war with Pakistan, Georges fear of the sack of his homeland and culture makes him even more concerned about vent on that culture to his children.They go to the mosque, grudgingly, but they feel like Brits and but one of the seven kids wants to live according to Pakistani traditions. The others want the freedom of Western culture. They may feel English, but they look Pakistani, and George fears that the culture they want will never accept them. His neighbors support a politician named Enoch Powell who is trading for repatriation of foreigners. But George and the neighbor do not know that their children are romantically involved.

Amazing Doctor for Marketing

Review questions for the midterm exam stem 1 Introduction to merchandising 1. do market and discuss how it is more than just advertising and selling. 2. apologise why it is important for all departments of an organizationmarketing, accounting, finance, operations management, human resources, and so onto think consumer. Why is it important that even people who ar not in marketing understand it? 3. Marketing has been criticized because it makes people cloud things they dont really need. Refute or support this accusation. . What atomic number 18 the five different marketing management orientations? 5. beg off the production, product, selling, and marketing designs. 6. Explain the societal marketing concept and provide three examples of companies that are practicing mixer responsibility in their business activities. 7. List the different steps of the marketing process. 8. What are the two important questions the marketing music director must coif to design a winning market ing strategy? How does the marketing manager go about answering these two questions? 9.Explain what is meant by segmentation and targeting. 10. Define positioning and explain how it is accomplished. 11. Define the concept of marketing mix. 12. Define each of the four-spot Ps. What insights might a firm gain by considering the four Cs rather than the four Ps? 13. What is the difference between the concept of customer (perceived) value and customer lifetime-value? 14. What is the difference between the concept of fall guy equity and customer equity? 15. Do loyalty cards shelter (i. e. , create) brand loyalty in the marketplace?Explain your answer. Topic 2 The marketing environment and Strategic Planning 1. Define the concept of strategical planning and enumerate the steps that lead managers and the firm through the strategic planning process. 2. Describe the elements of a companys marketing environment and why marketers play a critical quality in bring in environmental trends a nd spotting opportunities. 3. Explain what is meant by a market-oriented mission line of reasoning and discuss the characteristics of effective mission statements. 4. Explain the product/market matrix. 5.Explain what is meant by a business portfolio analysis. Also, name and thoroughly describe a material (a tool) that can be used to conduct a business portfolio analysis. Topic 3 Marketing Research 1. Contrast between qualitative seek and quantitative research. 2. List the different steps of the research process. 3. Explain the role of utility(prenominal) data in gaining customer insights. Where do marketers obtain secondary data? 4. Compare open-ended and closed-ended questions. When and for what is each type of question useable in marketing research? 5.What is the difference between a Likert get over and a semantic differential outperform? Propose a Likert scale to rate the concept of brand loyalty. 6. A marketing researcher should valuate the reliability of his findings a nd the validity of his measurements. What is the difference between reliability and validity? punt your answer by giving examples. 7. A manufacturer would like to measure the effects of the colour of the product package (red vs. blue vs. black) on the sales. Would you offer the manufacturer to use ethnography, projective techniques or experimentation? Explain your choice.

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Explain Rote Learning. How Might Teachers Use This Aspect of Behaviourist Theory to Guide Their Practice in the Classroom? What Are the Benefits for Learning and What Are the Drawbacks?

Behaviourist theory is a type of teaching treation that can be used by a teacher inside a classroom in the descriptor of rote scholarship. This will be discussed by dint ofout this es hypothesise with the benefits and drawbacks. I will briefly discuss wages as a behaviourist approach too. Behaviourism is the idea that everyone responds to a input. Pritchard believed that behaviourism is based on the idea that erudition is a diversity in behaviour and that changes in behaviour expire as a response to a stimulus of one kind or some other (Pritchard 200511).Childrens behavioral response is influenced by the stimulus. skinner is a psychologist who analysed kidskinrens behavioural responses and came up with the theory of operant conditioning This concept shows how behaviours argon learned through reinforcers and punishment (Hughes 200122). The behaviour response is dependent on how the peasant reacts to the stimulus. A reinforcer is something that increases their behaviour al response whereas punishment decreases their behavioural response.If the behaviour is followed by a reward then it will occur again plainly if the behaviour is followed by a punishing stimulus then it will less likely to occur as the sister will have to change their behaviour to get a reward. Skinner proved this by experimenting with animals. He placed rats in a turning point and wanted to see how they would respond to the given stimulus which was the trap. He order that an organism will tend to repeat a response that has been reinforced and will suppress a response that has been punished (Papilia 200231).Positive reinforcement was shown on placement as the teacher positively reinforced the nestling by saying well done. This praise meant that their behaviour occurred again. This reinforcement take into accounts the kid to keep engaged in their study and focused on the tasks ahead. some other congressman was where the teacher gave out stickers to the children who helped t idy away after blowout which meant they would repeat this behaviour again next time. rote training learning is an example of a behaviourist approach that involves a child learning mainstay information through the use of repetition. This can be in the form of facts, numbers or the alphabet.Short relevant information plys the children to serve up information enable them to recall it when requiremented. The child doesnt ineluctably understand the learning but acknowledges when to use it. It is commonly used at the azoic stages of child breeding as it pass ons the children to process small amounts of information. The use of rote learning was massively seen whilst I was on placement in a number of forms. The children had to say the order of the numbers from one to fifty repeatedly. The use of repetition allowed the children to process this information and allow them to learn the order.Another example that ties in nicely is where the teacher asked the children to go through t he assorted parts of a book. This allowed the children to reflect on their past understanding and recall the parts of the book showing the learning process of knowing the different parts front page, back page, spine. Timetables are another example that the teacher used to reinforce the information the child already knew. It allows them to be familiar with the tables and when they have to use them. Behaviourism patently doesnt provide a complete account of development (Berk 200620).Rote learning through behaviourism doesnt allow the child to develop a full understanding of the topic involved and stops the child from change magnitude their knowledge therefore a lack of understanding doesnt allow the child to fully develop their learning. This means the child is unable to fall upon onto more complex learning. It has been criticized for neglecting childrens contributions to their own development (Berk 200620). It doesnt allow the child to contribute to their learning as the informa tion is thrown at them and all they have to do is learn it. This doesnt allow the child to explore new things and be creative.Rote learning is useful for the start of child development as it allows children to just know the information and they dont have to apply knowledge as they are still at a young age and still developing. The child doesnt necessarily convey to understand the concept of what they are learning. This approach is very secure for a child because the information can be used in further stages of learning once the child has progressed onto more advanced learning. Rote learning is the basis of learning and the information received can be expanded once they develop more understanding.Its ideal for young children because they dont have to go into in depth sentiment therefore it doesnt put any strain on the wittiness allowing them to take in the information. On the other hand rote learning isnt an ideal teaching method to use from the point of earn of psychologist Ri chard Mayor as he believes that rote learning doesnt allow you to gain knowledge and be able to transfer that knowledge to pull in new problems therefore the child is unable to use the information memorised. (Mayor 20022). As a result of the child being unable to put their learning into practice this type of learning doesnt benefit the child in anyway.No knowledge means the child cannot use in depth opinion and create new ideas to new situations. As the child gets older they need to come away from the idea of rote learning as they need to be able to fully understand what they have just learnt and be able to gain knowledge and apply this knowledge and understanding to different situations. (Mayor 20022). The use of repetition through rote learning allows the child to process the information and use it when needed in lessons. Repetitive experiences allow children to ramp up and consolidate meaning (Ward 2008155).This puts a lot of empathy on the childs learning and shows how the us e of repetition helps the childs learning. For example, learning the alphabet means that they can construct some meaning from the letters and be able to apply the alphabet to class situations. I believe that rote learning is the best teaching approach to use at the early stages of learning for a child as they only need to know the information they are provided with. Rote learning provides the child with the basis and therefore once they progress they are able to use the information learnt through rote to expand their learning.

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Readers Response to John Updike’s A&P Essay

In the summer of 1961 we meet Sammy. Sammy is a 19-year- quondam(a) clerk at the local A&P in a small town, and one and only(a) daylight a few girls walk in, in their bikinis. Everyone in the ancestry either stares at them lustfully or averts their eyes uncomfortably. When the manager gets back he scolds the girls and tells them that they cannot come back in there dressed that way again. So Sammy quits. I personally enjoy this recital because of the dated wordplay and the role development. John Updike fleshes out Sammy quite well.We learn that he has been working that the store for some time, and in doing so has noted many peculiarities about the the enormous unwashed who frequent it. Having little else to do on a Thursday afternoon, he just looks around and internally judges everyone that he sees. Of an elderly adult female who he is assisting at the start of the tarradiddle he says, Shes one of these cash-register-watchers, a witch about fifty with rouge on her cheekbon es and no eyebrows, and I know it made her day to trip me up. Shed been watching cash registers for fifty years and probably never seen a slip before.The story goes on about his observations with only a few bits of dialogue, in which one person is typically talking to someone else, with no true back and forth. I think that Updikes decision to keep the majority of the story in Sammys mind was interesting to me, and I feel as though it added a lot to the character. It was a very short story set in one place, over a period of about twenty minutes, so most of the success of the character development has to do with his privileged monologue. We learn that Sammy is a bored 19 year old who is tired of his job and the predictability of the people in it.When something as unnatural as three scantily clad girls entering a supermarket in the archean sixties occurs, the people in the market hardly pay attention. He believes that you could set move out dynamite in an A & P and the people would by and large keep reaching and checking oatmeal off their lists and muttering Let me see, there was a third thing, began with A, asparagus, no , ah, yes, ice or whatever it is they do mutter. Right there is a great summation for this character dark, crude, pessimistic, and overly observant.Other than his witty wordplay, the story was lacking(p) for me. I enjoyed reading it, but it was not the best thing that I form ever read. I feel like there could waste been more, Sammy was so talkative in his own head, but then when the girls showed up he was quiet as a mouse. That makes sense for the character, but when he quit and the girls left I feel like there should have been more interaction between him and his manager, or maybe more of his inner thoughts. It is hard to pinpoint, and I would not even begin to know how to have-to doe with it, but this story falls short at the end in my opinion.

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Constantine vs Ashoka

Tamika Wright Constantine vs. Ashoka World Civilization Jackson State University Dr. Susan S Maneck When reviewing the histories of the religions of Christianity and Buddhism, you can non help but come across the call of Ashoka and Constantine the Great. Even though Ashoka and Constantine aided in the spread of their conglomerates and respective religions they had contrastive reasons for doing so. Constantine, the son of a Roman Army officer was trained as a solider early on in his life. While he was outgrowth up the role of emperor changed hands many a(prenominal) times.Until and Roman public name Diocletian seized the throne During the leadership of Diocletian, he made a regenerate where he positive Maximian, as a co emperor and dickens others co- prescripts who became kn admit as the Caesares. One of the Casesares was Constantius, Constantine the Greats father, to a section of the empire that he divided into four territories. The rules of this new division of farming c ame to be called the Tertiary. With this new older of power, the Roman Empire became stable again. Although many forms had passed since Diocletian came to rein, he still had one problem that he had not dealt with.He roughwhat despised that Christian population of the empire because they would not hero-worship that Roman Emperor as a divine figure. This was a major issue for Diocletian because the Christian population had been steadily growing and if they started to outnumber those who worship the emperor as a godly figure then that would intrust a damper on the Tertiarys leadership. Also, the Christians would not hold back their loyalty to the state through sacrifices, taxation or imperial service. To contract this dilemma, Diocletian proclaimed that any person that worshipped the Christian faith was an adversary of state.He ordered his subordinates to persecute bishops and priests trying to compel the Christians to become loyal to him. numerous Christians stood their grou nds, refusing to surrender regardless the ruthless acts of Diocletian and his subordinates. This battle went on until Diocletian died. Soon afterwarfareds the death of Diocletian, Constantius followed thereafter. Because he had become a skilled fighter, the soldiers under Constantiuss rule awarded Constantine the role of their new leader. Constantine lead them to many victories, one in concomitant, the battle of Milan Bridge.After the battle of Milan Bridges, there was only one enemy go forth hand name Licinius. Because of Constantiness victory against Maxenius at the Battle of Milan Bridge, Licinius decided to comply Constantine as authority and ended the long fought war. The only thing left for Constantine to deal with was the Christian population of his empire. My opinion is that he basically utter you cannot beat them join them. According to an artivle I found, In 313, Constantine releases an edict for Milan that shock the Roman world, The Edict of Milan stipulated that he nceforth, all religions, including Christianity, would be tolerated by Roman authorities. By doing this, Constantine put himself in a position where he was well care by the majority of the population. True enough they would not worship him as a god but by accepting their beliefs it gave him another emblem of power. It was basically like the saying you catch more flies with dulcorate than with vinegar. Constantine stopped the killing of Christians started by previous leadership, which made the Christian corporation grateful. This likewise put them in Constantines corner. So from then on, they in the main agreed with anything he wanted to do.He built on the organization of the empire government by mimicking the arrange of power in the Christian leadership. He also assigned some of the positions of leadership in the empire to bishops and priests of the Christian Religion because they already understood how to lead and how important a chain of command is to a thriving culture. B y doing this would also increase his policy-making control. He exempted the Bishops and many of the churches from imperial taxation. He also pushed the Christian community of interests to come up with one centralized idea of what a Christian is and rules they should live by.Now Ashoka on the other hand, unlike Constantine The Great, did not agree with war at all. He saw war as a uncivilized of time and resources. According to his own accounts, Ashoka conquered the Kalinga country in the eighth year of his reign. The sufferings that the war inflicted on the defeated people moved him to such contrition that he renounced armed conquests. It was at this time that he came in regard with Buddhism and adopted it. Under its influences and prompted by his own dynamic temperament, he opinionated to live according to and preach the dharma. Ashoka used his power as ruler to spread the teachings of Buddhism by word of mouth. He also wrote some of them down. In my view or opinion, Ashoka was very earnest when it came to the acceptance and spread of the Buddhism religion. He did not necessarily want the power, but he used it in a way that bettered the people he was appointed to control. Ashoka Repeatedly declared that he understood dharma to be the energetic practice, of the sociomoral virtues of honestly, truthfulness, compassion.Mercifulness, benevolence, considerate behavior toward all, unretentive sin and many good deeds, nonextravagance, nonaxquistiveness, and noninjury to animals. He spoke of no particular mode of religious creed or worship, nor of any philosophical doctrines, He spoke of Buddhism only to his coreligionists and not to others. Like Constantine, Ashoka used the priests and highly appointed people to help him build the empire and the spread of the religion. They both also aiding in the building of hospitals and roads.Ashoka was well like and remembered because of his leadership and his many writings like the quote All men are my children. As for my own children I desire that they may be provided with all the welfare and cheer of the worlds and of the next, so do I desire for all men as well. In conclusive resolution, Ashoka and Constantine are very much similar in which they are very strong leaders who were typically well liked by the people they ruled, their empires thrived with the growth of the religion but in some ways they differ like I believe that Ashoka was more sincere in his belief in Buddhism.Whereas, Constantine I think used the Christian religion to advance his position of power. By tolerating Christianity, he gained the trust of the majority of the population of his empire. So this made them, the people who practiced Christianity like him. in that location for in a way they still did what he wanted them to do without technically forcing them to do it. It like when you ask someone to do something sooner than forcing them or demanding them they are more likely to do what you asked. 1

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Working Capital Analysis

CHAPTER-I INTRODUCTION 1. 1 spur ground of Study Working with child(p) refers to that occasion of the pixilateds roof, which is demand for finance go around-term or modern assets such(prenominal)(prenominal) a hard currency vendible securities, debtors and inventories. Funds thus, invested in menstruation assets keep revolving prof expenditure and atomic number 18 constantly converted into change and this cash f disordered expose again in exchange for other current assets. Working crownwork is in like manner known as revolving or circulating crownwork or short-term not bad(p) letter of the United States. on that pointfore, running(a) enceinte direction is the same of liquid state direction and its relate inversely with lucrativeness.It is signifi offerce for any industries over due(p) to the investiture in present-day(prenominal) Assets (CA) must be adequate because inadequate or immoderate inadequate working upper-case letter provoke disturb ou tturn and do-nothing in addition threaten the solvency of hearty, if it fails to meet its current covenant excessive investment in CA should be avoided, since it impairs firms favorableness Secondly, need for working capital arises due to increasing level of demarcation activity it is to succeedd quickly or so snip surplus fund may arises which should be invested in brusque term securities , they should non be kept idle.The importance of Working capital trouble compelled to the firms to try the optimal level of investment in distri moreoverively element such as inventories, cash, account receivables tho the firm as well as consider to way of financing the current assets. This means, conside proportionalityn of current liabilities which accommodate account payables, notes payable, interest payable and other shot-term debt.In addition, the firm can subscribe an aggressive working capital management form _or_ system of government with a grim level of current assets as a section of total assets, or it may also be utilize for the financing decisions of the firm in the form of luxuriously level of current liabilities as a percentage of total liabilities(Nazir and Afza,2009), and it is the opposite in conservative working capital management policy. On the other pass off, it should be distinguished among three policies that tie in directly with the working capital efficiency.First policy is order policy, that heedful by median(a) receivables collection finis (ARCP) which is meaning the average out length of era needed to convert the firm receivables into cash. Second policy is catalogue policy, which denotative by average conversion stock-take termination (ACI). It means the average length of metre required to convert afflictive strongs into accurate goods and and so(prenominal) sell these goods.Third policy of working capital efficiency is honorarium policy, which measuring rodd by average fee period (APP) that means th e length snip surrounded by the purchase of materials and the payment of cash (Weston and Brigham,1993). These policies require from bon ton to bucket a yen the collections of receivables, accelerate its inventory, accelerate the payment steering wheel, and mortify the cost of the working capital of necessity.Above menti stard policies can be merged them in one general policy, is called cash conversion steering wheel ( 300) developed by Richards and Laughlin(1980) which focuses on the length of time surrounded by when the firm makes payments and when it receives cash inflow. To fulfill the one of the most historic goal of organization to maximization of shargon holders riches of a firm is doable lonesome(prenominal) when in that respect is sufficient proceeds from the operations and successful gross trades activity is necessary for earning profit gross gross revenue without convert into cash immediately.To generate the gross sales and revenue activities there ru nning be the s invisible time lap amid the sale of good and receipt of cash. Hence, the time taken to convert gross material into cash is known as operating cycle that acknowledges avocation activities in different phase. At first phase * Conversion of cash into raw material * Conversion of raw material into work in development * Conversion of Work in progress into finished goods * Conversion of finished goods into gross revenue ( Debtors and cash) At second Phase Cash received and at third phase is payment of confidence.A low cash conversion cycle allows the managers to minimize holdings of relative unproductive assets such as cash and marketable securities, holds the firms debt capacity since less short-term get is required to provide liquid and corresponds to a higher present set of net cash flows from firms assets Moreover, the cash conversion cycle is an important technique of epitome for the financial mangers of firm to assess why and when the firm needs more th an cash to sustain its activities. I am going to comparative degree development of Surya Nepal Private Limited (SNPL) is an Indo-Nepal-UK joint enture, which started operations in Nepal in 1986. SNPL, a subsidiary of ITC Ltd, India, is the largest private sector enterprise in Nepal. The agreement shares are held by dispersed Nepalese shareholders and British American Tobacco, UK. Surya Nepals businesses include manufacture and marketing of cigarettes and readymade garments in Nepal as well as exports of off-the-rack garments with a total turnover of over US $100 million. Secondly, The guiding force behind Daburs ontogenesis and success has been the wealth of personality and its innumerable capacity to support life.And we moderate constantly taken care to preserve and protect this natural bounty. With this overall vision of and to eco-sustenance, expand Daburs re acknowledgment and production base, Dabur Nepal Private Limited was set up as an in babelike assort company in 19 92. This new company, set amidst the verdant greens and tall mountains of the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal, has established a unique bond of applied science and preservation. 1. 2 Problem of Statement The management of a companys working capital significantly influences its favourableness. In the short term, companies risk being short on liquid state if the working capital level deteriorates.In the foresighted term, too some(prenominal) working capital spurns the return on investment and reduces the value of the company. In contrast, a reduction of the working capital can significantly amend cash flows and free up capital from a companys balance sheet. This capital can indeed be used to reduce debts, pay dividends to investors or reinvest in company growth. In the context of Nepal there is not practically implementation of working capital management technique that can brings the liquid state problem in short term and solvency problem in long term due to loss on business.Thi s can be the one most important reason for the sink growth rate of manufacturing firm. I want to gain insight into this field and to identify potential areas for optimisation of working capital management for the positivity on the Nepalese manufacturing firm. death penalty of firm on the topic of working capital management is truly essential to reach the optimum level of working capital then to enhance their positivity. scarcely these elements can be walk outed by character of business, seasonality of operations, production policy, market condition, and political scenario.Therefore, I absorb through this investigating to know the answer of following question. a. What are the factors of working capital for Nepalese manufacturing firm? b. How can working capital affects the performance to enhance profitability of firms? c. How is the performance of firm to come through the optimal working capital in order to maximize the profitability? 1. 3 Objective of the Study The princ ipal(prenominal) heading of the research is to measure the impact of working capital management on the profitability for Nepalese manufacturing firm. The specific objectives of the study are summarizing as following. a.To analyze the relativeship amidst working capital management and profitability for manufacturing firm. b. To determine the kin amidst size of firm and the profitability c. To hit the hay the alliance amongst supplement and profitability. 1. 4 Limitation of the Study This study is intended to measure the impact of working capital management on profitability of Nepalese manufacturing firm but the study also influences from the following limitation. a. There isnt financial sponsor for the depth study. b. Due to the time constraints it is not possible to analyze the each unsettled in details. c.In depth analysis and the study of financial position is not feasible because of the policy and secrecy of firm. d. The information is assuming true that is taken from d ifferent source. CHAPTER-II LITERATURE polish 2. 1 Literature Review harmonize to Wilner (2000) most firms extensively use trade recognition despite its apparent greater cost, and trade credit interest rates commonly exceed 18 percent and Deloof (2003) also found that according to National Bank statistics during 1997, Belgian companies had accounts payable of only 13% of the total asset and accounts receivable and Inventory of 17% and 10% of the total asset respectively.Singh and Pandey (2008) discussed the impact of working capital management in the profitability of Hindalco Industries Limited. Regression resultants showed that current ratio, liquid ratio, receivable turnover ratio and working capital to total assets had statically significant impact on profitability. dong and Su (2010) examined the kindred between profitability, the cash onversion cycle and its atom for listed firms in Vietnam bank line market for period (2006-2008). They resulted that there is strong disa llow relationship between cash conversion cycle and the profitability.Cote and Latham (1999, p. 261) argued that management of receivables, inventory and accounts payable founder tremendous impact on cash flows, which in turn affect the profitability of firms. According to Long, Malitz and Ravid (1993) it is seen that liberal credit terms to the customers adjoin the sales level of the firm, though having a continuous troubleshooting with managing short term financing in the finance department. The decision lays with the firm which one to put more importance on. Scherr (1989, p. 6) claimed that companies can fortify strong cash flow levels, modify profitability, budgeting and forecasting process, predictability and manageability of results, grow risk if they implement the best practices in working capital. Amit, Sur and Rakshit (2005) studied the relationship between working capital and profitability in the context of Indian pharmaceutical industries and concluded that no defini te relationship can be established between profitability and liquidity. Cote and Latham (1999, p. 61) argued that management of receivables, inventory and accounts payable produce tremendous impact on cash flows, which in turn affect the profitability of firms. Scherr (1989, p. 16) claimed that companies can strengthen strong cash flow levels, improve profitability, budgeting and forecasting process, predictability and manageability of results, heighten risk if they implement the best practices in working capital. Eljelly(2004) identified the relation between profitability and liquidity who was examined, as measured by current ratio and cash gap (cash conversion cycle) on a consume of joint stock firms in Saudi Arabia.The study found that the cash conversion cycle was of more importance as a measure of liquidity than the current ratio that affects profitability. The size variable was found to have significant incumbrance on profitability at the industry level. The results were m otionless and had important implications for liquidity management in various Saudi firms. First, it was happen that there was a negative relationship between profitability and liquidity indicators such as current ratio and cash gap in the Saudi specimen examined. Second, the study also revealed that there was great innovation among industries with respect to the significant measure of liquidity.Sur Biswas and Ganguly (2001) revealed in their study of Indian aluminium producing industry, a very significant positive association between liquidity and profitability. All previous studies had reached to the same results approximately, which had proved there is the negative relationship between the working capital, debt ratio, current ratio and profitability, and the positive relationship between size of the firm with profitability. This study tries to depend on previous studies to provide new evidence on how working capital can effect on the profitability. . 2 question Frame Work r epresentative ROA leverage Performance Working Capital Efficiency positivity of the Firm size of Firm Current Liabilities Current Assets Organization Planning Growth of business Ln of Sales Debt ratio Liquidity ratio CR All the components such as Working Capital, positivity and Size of the firms, Liquidity, and Leverage performance are interrelated to each other. The working capital affects the profitability of the firm. Similarly size, leverage, and liquidity affect the working capital requirement and profitability of the firm.If there is low in current assets then it cant pay the short term obligation and if firms keep in high ratio then investment opportunity impart lose that slumps the value of profitability elements such as ROE and ROA. Secondly, if there is high concentration on sales by keeping low liquid assets then profit can attach and it suspensors to increase the growth rate of company and fulfill the objective of shareholders wealth maximization and ease for the competition but low liquid assets can creates the risk of liquidity. Therefore, all components of higher up mentioned are interrelated positively and negatively.After analyzing the financial ratio BOD, manager can train the policy for sustainable business as well as investors result take best decision for the investment. This study has been guided according to the above variables and discussed the variables relation after studied of cardinal firms in detail in the below. Hence, this study impart benefit for the best decision of working capital requirement to manage the profitability, leverage in long term and to growth the firm in stable rate. CHAPTER-III DATA COLLECTION AND METHODOLOGY 3. 1 Research Data CollectionThe data has taken from the secondary source regarding to the functionary site of Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd and Dabur Nepal Pvt Ltd. Secondary data is assumed as an enough and reliable. try of this study has been focused on the joint venture Nepalese manufacturing firms . These two firms have chosen as a sample company due to big market in Nepal. To fulfill the objective of research, report is prepared by taking a financial data of two sample companies from 2006 to 2011. 3. 2 Definition of variable I have used of dependent and independent variables to complete the study are as below.Dependent variables include profitability measure which will be computed by the following equation reverse on Assets (ROA)=Net Operating IncomeTotal Assets Secondly, independent variables have been divided in two parts. First part includes working capital management variables. norm receivable collections period (ARCP) are used to express the credit policy. It is measured by using following equation Average receivable collections period (ARCP)=Account Receivables *365/Sales Average conversion inventory period (ACIP), which is show the inventory policy.It will be identified by following approach pattern Average conversion inventory period (ACIP)= Inventory *365/Co st of Sales Average payment period (APP) is used to reflect the payment policy it is measured measured by following equation Average payment period (APP) =Accounts Payables *365/Cost of Sales Cash conversion cycle ( 300) is used to express the overall impact on working capital efficiency, and that is mensurable by using following equation. Cash Conversion Cycle ( 300)=ARCP+ACIP-APP At the second phase of independent variables has been included as below. Size of the company = Natural of logarithm of sales (LNS). Current ratio (CR) = Current assets/Current Liabilities. monetary leverage ratio (FL) = Total Liabilities / Total Assets. 3. 3 a posteriori synopsis This section contains the descriptive analysis by taking the help of mean, example difference, maximum and minimum value of all variables that is used in study. Similary, on the second phase of analysis here has been explained the relationship between the variables by using correlation coefficient. Moreover, regression personate has been used to valuate the relation between variable and to measure the accuracy of this report.Multiple regression models have used to complete the regression analysis. All types of analysis and graphical archetype will be expressed by using the MS status package 2007. For this study I have used 4 regression models to quantify the relation and model is as below. 1. ROA= a+b1ARCP+b2CR+b3FL+b4LNS (model -1) 2. ROA= a+b1ACIP+b2CR+b3FL+b4LNS (model-2) 3. ROA= a+b1APP+b2CR+b3FL+b4LNS (model-3) 4. ROA= a+b1CCC+b2CR+b3FL+b4LNS (model-3) CHAPTER-IV DATA ANALYSIS AND PRESENTATION 5. 1. Empirical Analysis and Findings 4. 1. 1Descriptive Analysis Dabur Nepal Pvt. Ltd (Table 1) ROA ARCP ACIP APP CCC CR FL Lns Mean 0. 034 35. 67 75. 12 42. 35 68. 44 2. 00 0. 248 21. 73 Standard Deviation 0. 028 19. 74 31. 74 35. 27 39. 24 0. 676 0. 055 0. 346 Minimum 0. 001 4. 13 17. 37 8. 33 6. 30 1. 52 0. 207 21. 39 Maximum 0. 084 55. 23 111. 78 93. 46 120. 94 3. 19 0. 351 22. 38 cyp her 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 According to the above table, ROA on average is 34% and ROA existed between 0. 1 % to 0. 84%. The average receivables collection period has 5 age (approximately) as minimum to collect its receivables from the purchasers but it takes 55. 23 age as maximum to collect its receivable.The average eld of generating its sales on account about 35. 67 days. In addition, the average conversion inventory period (ACIP) takes about 17. 37 days to sell all its inventory as minimum and takes 111. 78 days as maximum. The mean days to sell the inventories are 75. 12 days with standard deviation of 31. 74 days. round the APP, the firm has a minimum time 8. 33 days to pay its purchases on account and 93. 46 days as a maximum time. It takes an average 42. 35 days to pay its purchase with standard deviation of 35. 27. The cash conversion cycle (CCC) has 6. 30 days as a minimum time and maximum is 120. 94 days.The minimum current ratio (CR ) of the firm is 1. 52 and maximum is 3. 19 with the standard deviation of 0. 55%. The Natural Logarithm of size (LNS) shows minimum sales is 21. 39 and maximum is 22. 38 with the average of 21. 73. About the financial leverage is 20% as minimum and maximum is 35% with the standard deviation of 0. 55%. Surya Nepal PVT. LTD (Table 2) ROA ARCP ACIP APP CCC CR FL LNS Mean 0. 287 5. 11 191. 55 63. 45 133. 21 1. 72 0. 424 22. 82 Standard Deviation 0. 086 2. 90 21. 84 5. 88 19. 96 0. 678 0. 152 0. 339 Minimum 0. 178 2. 54 170. 51 57. 0 110. 72 1. 06 0. 255 22. 42 Maximum 0. 389 9. 86 232. 04 73. 16 167. 62 2. 44 0. 594 23. 31 Count 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 an average return on assets(ROA) is just 28% which is lower than Dabur Nepal Ltd. But the minimum and maximum value of ROA exists between 17 % to 38 % and less variability comparison with Dabur Nepal Ltd. The Average receivable collection period (ARCP) is 5. 11 days approximately and lower than Dabur. Thus, collection capacity of dabur is very strong. similarly, ACIP of Surya Nepal exist between 170. 51 days to 232. 04 days. About the average CCC of Surya Nepal is 133. 1 days which is higher than Dabur Nepal. Therefore, we can say that, cash inflow days in the Dabur Company are quicker than Surya Nepal. Moreover, an average 42% portion is existed under the total assets of the Surya firm that is higher than Dabur Company. It means, Surya Nepal takes more loans for the business. About the average size of Surya Nepal is 22. 82 that is higher than Dabur. graph 1 source Table 1 and 2 Let summarize the above result a. ROA of Surya Nepal is higher that tends to the meaning of profitability volume is good rather than Dabur Nepal Pvt. Ltd. b. reference book collection capacity is stronger of Surya Nepal Pvt.Ltd. c. Surya Nepal Ltd. takes more time to convert the goods in raw material. d. Surya Nepal pays to supplier at delay comparison with Dabur. e. CCC of Surya is higher due to higher in ACIP and APP. 4. 1. 2. correlation Coefficient Analysis Dabur Nepal Lt d. (Table 3) ROA ARCP ACIP APP CCC CR FL Lns ROA 1 ARCP -0. 903 1 ACIP -0. 666 0. 537 1 APP -0. 074 0. 141 0. 705 1 CCC -0. 927 0. 811 0. 446 -0. 258 1 CR 0. 835 -0. 627 -0. 888 -0. 450 -0. 6291 1 FL -0. 095 0. 285 -0. 007 -0. 152 0. 2743 0. 48 1 Lns 0. 144 -0. 172 0. 348 0. 609 -0. 352 -0. 203 -0. 572 1 Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd (Table 4) ROA ARCP ACIP APP CCC CR FL LNS ROA 1 ARCP -0. 420 1 ACIP 0. 393 -0. 174 1 APP -0. 359 -0. 402 0. 441 1 CCC -0. 263 0. 073 0. 939 0. 130 1 CR -0. 892 0. 493 -0. 443 -0. 736 -0. 196 1 FL -0. 869 -0. 457 0. 541 0. 769 0. 299 -0. 992 1 LNS 0. 958 -0. 437 0. 569 0. 464 0. 423 -0. 893 0. 902 1 According to the Table 3 and 4, authorize on Assets (ROA) has negative relationship with ARCP.It tends to the meaning of longer the time of collection days reduces the profitability of firm. Therefore, if a firm reduces the length between sales and collection, it will increase the profitability through reinves t collections in profitable investments. Correlation results related negatively between the average conversion conversion inventories (ACIP) and ROA significantly in the theme of Dabur. It means when the firm reduces the length time required converting raw material in to finished goods and then to sell those goods that go past to enhance profit.But in the case of Surya Nepal, there is positive relationship between ARCP and ROA. It means, it should take more stock for the high profit. The average Payment terminus (APP) has negatively correlation with Profitability. It means, if the both firm shorten the length time between purchases goods and payment of the value of goods, it will lead to increase profitability. There are negative relationship between cash conversion cycle (CCC) and ROA. If the firms shorten its conversion cycle as much as possible without hurting its operation, it will reflect positively on profitability.Correlation coefficient of the size (LNS) firm is positive relationship with profitability that indicates if the firm increases its size of sales it will lead to increase its profitability. Current ratio refers to liquidity of the firm which relates positively correlated with ROA in case of Dabur but negatively correlated with ROA in case of Surya Nepal. Generally, if the firm invests its liquidity very well, it will generate high return and as per situation there might be required or not for holding of stocks in long term. About the monetary leverage that is negatively correlated with profitability.It means, if the firm depends on the financial leverage as much as need, ti carry itself financial obligation such as interest payment and principal payment and then it reflects negatively on its profitability. Dabur Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Table 5) Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 ROA 0. 031 0. 030 0. 022 0. 001 0. 084 0. 038 CCC 85. 74 86. 30 63. 87 120. 93 6. 29 47. 46 Source Table 5. Graph 2 Conclusion According to the above finding, the increas ing in the value of CCC that decreases the value of ROA. And it is proved that there is negative relationship between ROA and CCC.Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd Graph 3. Conclusion In the case of Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd, there is positive relationship between ROA anc CCC. This means to increase the profit of Surya firm then they have to increase the value of working capital component. 4. 1. 3Regression Analysis Dabur Nepal Pvt. Ltd Table 6 self-employed person Variables Model-1 Model-2 Model-3 Model-4 ARCP -0. 001 ACIP -0. 020 APP -0. 0003 CCC -0. 0004 CR 0. 020 0. 115 0. 045 0. 017 FL -0. 021 -0. 577 -0. 178 -0. 015 Lns 0. 014 0. 053 0. 008 0. 002 Adjusted R2 0. 780 0. 7 0. 517 0. 815 F-test 0. 010* 0. 01* 0. 0051* 0. 077** Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd Table 7 Independent Variables Model-1 Model-2 Model-3 Model-4 ARCP -0. 003 ACIP 0. 907 APP -0. 008 CCC 0. 953 CR 0. 275 0. 360 0. 221 0. 275 FL -1. 188 -1. 599 -0. 055 -1. 188 Lns 0. 245 0. 224 0. 069 0. 245 Adjusted R2 0. 770 0. 67 0. 71 0. 79 F-test 0. 0876** 0. 0035* 0. 012* 0. 0144* In the above table, F-test has been done at 5%=* and 10% =**significance of level. Table 6 and 7 presents the regression result of two firms of 4 models.According to the table 6 and 7, ARCP and ROA have negatively correlated. For the both Company if there is 1% increase in the days of collection period than less than 1% will decrease on the value of profitability. Similarly, for the both firm, liquidity ratio and size of firm is positively correlated. It means, increases in the sales that will increase the profit volume. prescribed value of CR and LNS but negative value of financial leverage (FL) is accepted by all models. This means, if loan amount is increased by 1% then profit will decreased by 0. 21% in case of Dabur but more than 11% in case of Surya Nepal.All the, result revealed that, to increase the profit, firm should decrease the loan amount. According to the Model 4 from table 6, there is negative relationship be tween ROA and cash conversion cycle. This means, to increase the profit, Dabur should reduce the CCC. It is also supported by the system of higher the working capital leads to the lower of profitability. On the other hand, model 4 from table 7 reveals that there is positive relationship between ROA and CCC. This result is beyond the theory and if Surya Nepal wants to increase its profit then it should increase the Working capital.It may the cause of poor situation of Nepalese economy, nature of business as well as less concentration on environment management that is leading to keep higher amount of stock. According to table 6, model 1 , 2 ,3 and 4 explained the dependent variable by independent in the portion of 78% , 77% , 51%, and 81 % respectively and remaining portion is due to other element. But in the table 7, dependent variable (ROA) is explained by independent in the form of 77%, 67%, 71%, and 79% and remaining part is covered by other elements. CHAPTER-V CONCLUSION AND REC OMMENDATION 5. Conclusion and RecommendationWorking capital management is the same of liquidity management and its related inversely with profitability but this theory always doesnt work. Here, I have found the different relationship between the component of working capital and profitability by taking financial data of Dabur Nepal Ltd and Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd manufacturing from 2006-2011. This study appears that there is a negative significance relationship between average receivables collection period (ARCP), average conversion inventory period (ACIP, only case for Dabur), average payment period (APP) and the profitability measures.It is proved also a negative relationship between the cash conversion cycle (CCC) from the data of Dabur Company but it is not the result of universal fact because it is also proved that there can be a positive relationship between CCC and Profitability. The reason behind this can be the political risk, poor economy, omit of availability of raw material s and delivery of goods and services in time due to the labor union problem, increasing in supplier power, unavailability of credit facility, poor management of current assets and lack of efficient procedure and grant facility from government.After this analysis, the study recommends for the firms to manage their working capital efficiently to achieve the optimal profitability. Thus, the firms can manage their working capital through reduce the length time between sell the goods and receive cash of sales, it can do that by accelerating its collections. And it also reduce the length time between convert the raw materials into finished goods to sell these goods through. On the other hand the firms should shorten the length time between purchase goods to pay their purchases.All these will lead to shorten the cash conversion cycle and then lead to achieve the optimal profitability. Moreover, we cant say that there will be lower profit due to higher CCC because due to the environmental factors the component of working capital can be influenced and result can go beyond the planning and objective. In the context of Nepal, where the practices of working capital management is poor and as a result firms are generating lower profit. Secondly, long procedure of raw material conversion and delay of payment also reduces the profit of firm.It can be the one cause of Positive relationship between CCC and profitability in case of Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Therefore, reduction of working capital is not only best solution because environment analysis is also important factor. References Amit, K. Malik, Debashish Sur and Debdas Rakshit (2005). Working Capital and Profitability A Study on their Relationship with Reference to Selected Companies in Indian pharmaceutical Industry, GITAM diary of instruction. 3 51-62. Deloof M (2003). Does Working Capital circumspection contact Profitability of Belgian Firms? J. Bus. Financ. Account. , 30(314) 573-587. Dr. S. , Ray Evaluating the Im pact of Working Capital Management Components on Corporate Profitability Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Firms 2012 Eljelly, A. M. (2004). Liquidity Profitability Tradeoff An Empirical Investigation In An Emerging Market, world(prenominal) daybook Commerce and Management. 14(2), 48-61. J. , Desai N. , A. Joshi, Effect of Working Capital Management on Profitability of Firms in India March 2, 2011 http//papers. ssrn. com/sol3/papers. cfm? bstract_id=1774686 Lazaradiz, I and Tryfonidis, D. (2006). Relationship Between Working Capital Management And Profitability Of Listed Firms In the Athens Stock Exchange, Journal of financial Management and Analysis. 19(1), 26-35. Mukhopadhyay, D (2004), Working Capital Management in concentrated Engineering Firms- A Case Study, myicwai. com. knowledge/fm48. Raheman, A. , Nasr, M. (2007). Working Capital Management And Profitability Case Of Pakistani Firms. International Review of Business Research papers, 3(1), 279 300.Scherr, F. C. (198 9). Modern Working Capital Management, Text and Cases. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey Prentice-Hall International Editions. Sur, D. , Biswas and Ganguly, P (2001). Liquidity Management in Indiaan Private Sector Enterprises A case Study of Indian Primary Aluminium Producing Industry, Indian Journal of Accounting. June 8-14. Shin, H, H and Soenen, L. (1998). Efficiency of working Capital Management and Corporate Profitability, Financial Practice and Education8 (2),37-45.

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Why did the population of the UK rise dramatically between 1760 and 1870

In this essay I am going to discuss how the tribe of the UK rose and fly and why.Basically there are only quartette factors in which the population of the UK had changed these are the wear localise, the remnant rate, emigration and immigration. I am going to explain how each of these factors had a serving in the change of population.Firstly I will discuss birth rate, and how it caused the stack of population changes.Firstly, Age and Sex of the Population was one factor which caused a change in the population. In 1851 roughly 50% of the population of Eng add and Wales were down the stairs 23.The industrial towns generally had a greater symmetricalness of younger plurality than rural areas. In those parts of the rural areas the number of old mint was above average. Since there were few women of child-bearing age the birth rate tended to be dispiriteder. Due to the high-pitcheder amount of jobs available many spate migrated from the countryside to towns. Having a job mean t that they could settle down earlier and get married. In supplement the towns offered far greater opportunities of finding a partner than the countryside.Secondly, family size was some other factor to the problem of population surge. In the ordinal and nineteenth b pitiful there was little control of the amount of children people wanted. Women continued to stomach children during their child-bearing years one of the reasons for this was because they thought that their children would die by the age of five. numerous families had as many as ten children this was considered normal. Despite the movement to towns adult families with a healthy rural environment do it possible for the population of the agricultural counties to grow.Marriage and Employment played a huge part alike in the growth of the population.It was thought that the earlier a mortal married the earlier they could settle down, further in the ordinal snow many young men had to undertake long terms of apprenti ceship as a result they couldnt get married and start a family early.During the industrial revolution apprenticeship began to decline, nevertheless a square off in the craftsmen and rise in the factory worker.Due to the people migrating to towns there were a larger proportion of younger people which could marry and settle down earlier. Many historians swear that this was one of the main reasons that the birth rate of the population in the ordinal and nineteenth century had risen.This would have only had a slight ready because of the change everywhere from the agricultural industry to the domestic industry in the period after 1790.The Speenhamland system was thought to have helped farm workers because it gave the farmers with a large family a greater income than that of a single person. Moreover, this was also considered as a main reason to the growth in population because of the perspicacious rise in the population between 1795 and 1834.Infant Mortality was a main factor in th e populations change.High birth rates itself didnt needful mean that the population would survive it also depended on the cobblers last rate and whether or not the child would survive the perils of infancy. The voice of children who dies in capital of the United Kingdom before the age of five between 1730 1749 was 74.5% this means that disclose of one hundred children on a quarter would survive but by 1810 1830 the percentage had decreased by 42.5 percent thus only 32 children dying(p) out of one C.In 1880 23.8% of babes in England and Wales die before the age of five.The infant mortality rate for the destruction of children less than one year in 1841 1870 for England and Wales stayed the same at 15.4%I will now discuss the death rate and how this made a great impact on the population.Firstly, in the seventeenth and eighteenth century epidemic sicknesss were very common. Epidemic diseases caused a lot of death between the seventeenth and eighteenth century.Smallpox was an irrepressible disease that caused many deaths in the seventeenth century. In early eighteenth century the disease was tackled by the inoculation which helped the disease from spreading although it was not until the introduction of vaccination by Edward Jenner in 1796 that it was proven an effective manner of controlling the disease.In London, 1750, just under a tenth (800) of all 10,000 were killed by the smallpox disease, by 1860 the rate had dropped dramatically to only 100 deaths out of every 10,000.Another epidemic disease was the great plague. This was a disease carried by the fleas of the black rat nevertheless by the eighteenth century the plague ceased to be a problem because for some little-known reason the black rat was overtaken by the brown rat.The worst disease of the nineteenth century was of cholera. The first outbreak of cholera was from Sunderland in 1831. As a result it caused the death of over 50,000 people. Furthermore, in 1849 there was hitherto another o utbreak with 55.000 deaths.Secondly, alcoholism also caused a stir in the population change between 1720 and 1751.Alcoholism caused the death of large verse of people, from the result of squalid gin. This was available at a very low price. The poor saw gin as a cheap dash to forget their problems. Literally a child could walk in and profane some gin that was how serious it was.Moreover, medical advances saw the reduction of death rates in the eighteenth century.Better cleaner hospitals for example the extermination of the wooden beds for the iron beds higher standards of nursing, advances in surgery, new medicines and drugs and higher births in hospitals were the main things that lowered the death rate.Some historians said that the medical conduct did more harm than goodThere were good as well as bad hospitals around in the eighteenth century.Many of the medical advances had been made by the 1870s. Higher survival rates were made possible by the use of anaesthetics and better i nfant care however the overall death rate still may not have been affected much.Hygiene, sanitisation and public health was another cause for the population change. Modern towns of Georgian Britain lacked things we take for granted these things include running water, mains drainage and effective heating.The fast growth of towns began to cause serious problems these include overcrowding, lack of pure water, foetid damp rooms, conditions in which vermin thrived (rats, mice and lice), lack of adequate means of get rid of rubbish and filth and inadequate drains and lack of main sewers.The fall in death rate after 1870 suggests that the appalling urban animation conditions of the early nineteenth century kept the death rate high.Furthermore, during the industrial Revolution many advances were made in personal hygiene.No long did people have to wear wool which couldnt be washed and usually had lice in them. Wool was replaced by a cheaper and better cloth, cotton.Cotton was cheap be cause it was being mass produced. This meant that poor people could wear tog.Moreover, soap was also made cheap and was no longer a luxury for fertile people therefore there was no excuse for dirty clothes or dirty bodies.Cheaper coal was also being distributed this meant that people could roil water and kill the germs and bacteria inside the water, cleaner clothes and dryer homes.Lastly, diet was another main factor that changed the population. The death rates fell because of the substantial improvements in the production of victuals for thought in Britain by the bucolic revolution. Successful harvests in 1730s brought down the price of bread making it cheaper. Cheaper viands meant that ore people could survive. Also the use of roots and green fodder crops meant that total didnt need to be killed or salted to get through the winter.not only did Britain had healthier, cheaper food they also consumed vitamins and proteins to give the body resistance to diseases. progression i n transport mainly railways after 1840 helped to make it easier for farmers to deliver food to the market nonetheless people were no longer reliant on the success of the local harvest and local farmers who supplied meat, vegetables and milk. Although the food prices were dropping and the allow for of food was rising there were still many poor people who lived at starvation level.There were often complaints about the quality of the food for example shops users would use rat droppings as chocolate flakes. This submit to a lot of food poisoning and death.More death had occurred during the 1840s when the stump spud crop failed in Ireland and Western Britain this not only caused the death of up to a million but also caused the great number of Irish people emigrating.Another cause for the population decrease was because of emigration however the population didnt decrease. Emigration is when someone leaves one country and lives in a different country for example you leave the UK to go a nd live in the USA.Over 6 million people emigrated from Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales to overseas between 1840s, 1850s and 1860s.The close number of people that emigrated was that of Ireland at a total of 3,927,000 which was an estimate of 2/3 of the total. This was because of the potato crop that failed in Ireland. Despite the emigration of over 6million people the UKs population still continued to rise.Some of the Scots and Irish migrated to England where they worked, the Scottish done engineering work whereas the Irish done repel work.Lastly immigration, Immigration is when some enters a country for example a person from foreign comes to live in England.The Irish were being pulled out of the UK by other countries such as Australia because they were offering free land and a better life and so the gold rush in California which made the Irish believe that they could get rich quick.The Irish were also being pushed out because of the failed potato crop, they had to make a e lection stay in Ireland and starve to death or go abroad where you can get free land and food.So in termination the rise in population was because of the high birth rate and low death rate, age of the population, family size, marriage and employment and some medical advances. The high death rate was because of the epidemic diseases, hygiene and alcoholism.In my opinion I believe that the cause for the rise in population was because of the high birth rate and low death rate.

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Environmental Issues: Deforestation Book Project

Hannah Pilon Due Date Friday February 8, 2013 Winter Term Library duty assignment Deforestation Marcus, B. A. (2009). Tropical forests. (pp. 125-135). Sudbury, MA Jones and Bartlett Publishers. This chapter was precise illuminating and gave a lot of teaching ab f every(prenominal) out the reasons of deforestation. I knew that logging and agriculture were major causes of deforestation, but this chapter taught me that mining too is also a big factor. The agent was very knowledgeable about this subject and wrote in a government agency that was very easy to understand.This chapter also gave a very thorough description of the impacts of deforestation on the lands. Through this chapter, the author explains how just because a some trees be cut down, the water supply diminishes and can lead to drought as well as many different issues that I did non know about. This is probably my favourite source about this deforestation bother as it was easy to understand and the author did non drag out his writing and got to the point very quickly. It was a good read Forsyth, T. , & deoxyadenosine monophosphate Walker, A. (2008). Forest guardians, forest destroyers. (pp. 20-21).Seattle, Washington University of Washington Press. This is a short atom within a larger book, but just because it may be small does not mean that it is not informative. In this sh are, it was suggested that deforestation occurring in gold coast is leading to the expansions of savannahs. I believe that this is an important arm, as many do not realize that many African countries are also suffering from deforestation, which is depleting the lands, creating more savannahs and deserts. This section gave me further knowledge on the crisis of deforestation in Ghana and how it affects the people that live there.It explains how the soil is becoming depleted, which in the long term, will greatly effect the people living in these orbits. DeAth, C. , Michalenko, G. (1993). High technology and origi nal peoples The case of deforestation in Papua sunrise(prenominal) Guinea and Canada. In S. Rietbergen (Ed. ), The Eathscan reader in Tropical forestry (pp. 281-287). London Earthscan Publications Limited. This chapter is passing informative. Within pages 281-87, it explains how a Japanese paper company has gone into Papua unused Guinea and essentially destroyed the land.I show this section to be informative and eye opening because the Japanese company only sustainments about money, they are exploiting the land which leaves the workers and the native peoples that live in these areas to be left with basically nothing. Its amazing how much a culture can cypher on a forest and when it is gone how much their breeding has to lurch in order to survive. I have also come to witness that companies are causing a lot of deforestation from other countries, which plainly do not care about the locals at all.They only care about making money and for stick around about the human life tha t depends on the forest to survive. Avissar, R. , Ramos da Silva, R. , Werth, D. (2006). Impacts of tropical deforestation on regional and global hydroclimatology In W. F. Laurance C. A. Peres (Eds. ), Emerging Threats to Tropical Rainforests (pp. 73-75). Chicago, USA The University of Chicago Press. This section within the chapter went into detail about the global impacts of deforestation. It explained that how deforestation in the virago Rainforest effected the rainfall and precipitation in the United States.I found this to be extremely interesting how if one part of the world is alter it can, and will, affect another part of the world, which will greatly affect the other country. I learned a lot from this little section and the authors did a good job and explaining how this process works. I really enjoyed reading this section and I had no idea that deforestation in one area could affect another country so drastically. It is amazing how our world and ecosystems are all intertwi ned and how delicate each one is. Grieser Johns, A. (1997). Timber production and biodiversity saving in tropical rain forests. pp. 185-187). Cambridge, UK The Press Sydicate of the University of Cambridge. Throughout these pages, the issue of living organism extinction became a new issue that I knew was a case of deforestation, but for some reason had never occurred to me. This author explains that although at this piece a lot of rainforest animals are susceptible if change does not happen, many of these animals will become endangered, if not extinct. With a lot of species not discovered yet, there is no true knowledge of how many animals in these rainforests are already endangered and on their way to being an intellect species.The pages that I have used in this book were very informational and very eye opening. With so many innocent animals are being put up in danger everyday because of deforestation and its not just them any longer as plants are also in danger of becoming vulnerable and extinct. Mateiyenu Nanang, D. (2012). Plantations forestry in Ghana theory and applications. New York Nova Science Publishers. The author is very knowledgeable and this shows through in his writing. Although he puts a lot of graphs and charts, sometimes it was confusing trying to understand the point he was trying to get across.From what I did understand, he was talking about how the logging in Ghana has become a larger industry in the past fewer years than ever before. Because of this, Ghana is bestir oneselfing to already starting to determine the effects of deforestation. The author also went into detail about how they need to start replanting a lot more that they currently are because very in short they will be on the way to clearing out all of the trees that they have access too. Although this book was hard to understand at times, it was a very good resource and gave a lot of good information about deforestation in Ghana.

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Ruth case

In order to make the first cut in the list of potentiality countries, Hannah looked at the penetration strategy, market development, diversification and product development as a strategy for entering a new market. The unused protean that would be helpful would be the political stability, competition and the regulations that might jump the business growth. For research purposes the following were taken in consideration Population, statutory to import USA beef, affinity for American brands, consumer dining bits and amount of beef-eaters in that country.The exhibit number 4 was used to narrow the 200 countries to 33. My solve 5 choices ar different from Hennas. My choices are Germany, United nation, Singapore, Spain and Bahamas. The main primer for this choice is because Germany is the national largest economy in Europe and has a genuinely high standard of living, which increase the changes of success in this country. United Kingdom has very small political risk and their way o f alimentation is alike(p) to this country. United Kingdom as well as has affinity to American products. Singapore is evolution very quick.Their standard of living Is very high and Is one of the near expensive Asian countries to live In. Spain GAP per capita Is the 8th largest in the world. Spain also has a very large population (over 40 million). Their beef eating habits are similar to US. The last one would be Bahamas because even feeling Is small, its a very tourist place. Its full of visitors all year long, increase the chances of success for restaurants. Bahamas Is second to US In beef consumption. These five countries are meat eaters according to the US Census Bureau of 2012.

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Poverty and Horse Film Essay

This is a horizontal sur deliver of two tribal Armenian boys who belonged to the Garoghlanian tribe. For their family, even at times of extreme poverty nothing could control the importance of honesty. They never did anything wrong and never lied or never even stole anything. The story talks about an incident that revolves just about two cousins Aram who is nine years old and Mourad who is thirteen. The world, for Aram, at that time, seemed to be a delightful and extremely joyous yet mysterious dream. People believed in e very(prenominal) imaginable kind of magnificence. Mourad was considered to be crazy by everybody he knew.The story opens with Mourad coming to Arams house at four in the morning one attractive day. He tapped on the window to Arams room. When Aram looked out of the window, he was taken aback and startlight-emitting diode to see Mourad move a beautiful white cavalry cavalry. In fact, he was so brumous that Mourad had to say Yes, its a horse. You are not dreamin g. All this was excessively unbelievable because Aram knew that they were to a fault poor to be able to afford to taint a horse. The only way Mourad could possess it could be by stealing. They were too honest to lie and yet too crazy to ride a horse.Thus, they kept the horse for two weeks, enjoying its ride in cool expression and singing to their hearts content on the country roads. They hid it from the outride of the world by keeping it in a barn of the abandoned vineyard. Meanwhile, Aram came to know that the horse was stolen from John Byro. They planned not to return it to him so soon although it pricked their conscience to steal, which was completely their ethics and tribal norms.One fine day they came across John, the farmer. Such was the boys family famous for their honesty that the thought of his horse being stolen by the boys never crossed Johns mind. He was just amazed at the resemblance and said I would depose it is my horse if I did not know your parents.This moving experience led the boys towards Johns vineyard the very next morning. They left the horse in the barn after patting it affectionately. Later that day, John seemed to be very pleased and shared the news of the return of his horse with Arams mother. The story teaches us the importance and necessity of honesty even in the face of greed and passion.

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Affirmative Action Policy: Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Essay

Question 1 Is the affirmative action constitution mor everyy defensible? Explain.Yes affirmative action is morally defensible in thatSouth Africa has been characterised by many years of workplace inequities and im residuals of the past specially blacks who were treated in an inhumane manner and denigration.In 1994 the new elective establishment came into power and had a moral duty to eliminate all forms of discrimination and thereafter level the compete field at the workplace, so the affirmative action insurance was introduced and legislated. Since blacks were marginalised certain jobs and skills were reserved for white nonage in some sectors of the economy thereby robbing our economy of its potential and productivity. Whereas the macrocosm of the affirmative action constitution uncovered skills and untapped talent, created more jobs in responsible positions and thereby allowing our economy to grow stronger and compete in the spherical markets.The harsh realities of the past regime created divisions between black and white communities and proclamation of this indemnity assisted in closing that gap and normalise the conditions at the workplace. Therefore the policy allowed companies and government to utilise all people to the upper limit potential and created improved relations and communication between organised trade union movement and management.QUESTION 2 In your opinion, which country has successfully fulfiled the policy of affirmative action and why did it succeed?AmericaQUESTION 3 In your view, why did South African government choose to implement Affirmative Action policy and Act, and was it ever justifiable?Certainly the policy of Affirmative Action is justifiable in thatCentral to the democratic government was the economic challenges and expectations of theblack majority who voted them into power. Therefore, the government was obliged to strive for macro-economic balance that supports sustainable growth and development to ensure that the be nefits are shared by all concerned. Consequently, the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998 was promulgated in terms of which the Affirmative Action Policy was implemented and its main estimate to correct and balance the inequities of the past. Furthermore the policy had to promote equal opportunities and cover entrenched inequalities that affected blacks, women and children at the workplace. Therefore the policy is justifiable establish on moral, legal and socio-economic issues.QUESTION 4 Does the policy need to be violated after a certain length of time and why?Yes in that The main objective of the policy is to create opportunities and level the playing field where everyone can compete and once this is achieved the policy has to stop. Moreover the policy is not a punishment for the wrongs of the past so it makes sense to discontinue it some years to come moral responsibility is achieved.